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The Restaurant Industry’s $6 Billion Problem [infographic]

Restaurants Lose $6 Billion Every Year to Employee Theft

Reducing the probability of theft can be an important contributor to a restaurant’s financial health. Separation of duties, limited access to cash or assets, valuable food products and alcohol, and internal and external audits can help restaurant operators increase efficiency and reduce losses due to theft by employees.

Here are a few examples of employee theft in the restaurant industry:

  • Food and liquor inventory
  • Unpaid food consumption
  • Credit card fraud
  • Stolen tips

Here’s what’s at risk by not storing your valuable stock securely:

The $6 Billion Problem - Secure Your Restaurant's Valuable Inventory

Knowing you can help protect your profits and your business against theft is a benefit you can’t put a price tag on. Protect your profits, contact a Cambro Representative for more information on Cambro Security Shelving Systems.

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