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Secure What Comes In and Out of Your Kitchen… Including Your Profits

Reducing the probability of theft can be an important contributor to a restaurant’s financial health.  A well-designed system of internal controls becomes critical, as is having the right equipment to support such measures.

Having the ability to limit unauthorized access to high-cost foodservice products is just one of the benefits of Cambro’s New Full-Wrap Shelving Security Cage.  This security cage provides safe storage from loss of pilferage for valuables such as liquor, steaks, seafood, wine, exotic fruits/vegetables, champagne and spirits.

Knowing you can help protect your profits and your business against theft is a benefit you can’t put a price tag on. Click here to see the full-wrap security cage.

Protect your profits, contact a Cambro Representative for more information on Cambro Security Shelving Systems.

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