How to Become Trinidad’s Premier Caterer

Shipwreck Catering and Bar Services submission in the Caterer Challenge 2 landed them a runner up spot in the contest.

As with most great catering operations, Shipwreck relies on Cambro insulated food transporters. In this case, what saved the day was the ability to keep cold (something that can be a tough task in Trinidad).

I have about a dozen Cambro warmers that we use to transport food.   Recently I got a catering job to serve 2000 plates of bar-b-que pigtails– a delicacy in the islands.   This has to be transported in a cool environment, and then barbequed on the spot.   Having no cooling system to deliver these pig tails, CAMBRO SAVED THE DAY!  I froze 10 pans of ice.  I then placed one in each of the Cambro.   Each Cambro was placed with 5 to 6 pans of precooked bar-b-que pigtails.  We got to the venue a couple of hours late as the function started about 4 hours late.  When we opened our Cambro the product was just in such superb quality that we are now Trinidad’s premier caterer for all of our carnival events. Thank you Cambro, we could not do this without you!

We’re waiting for an invitation to the next carnival – in the meantime, we’ll send along $500 in Cambro products for the runner up spot.

Shipwrecked: Trinidad Caterer

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