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Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s to fathers everywhere! Celebrate Father’s Day with Cambro!

Tell us what makes your dad awesome? The way he grills? The fact that he uses the Cambro insulated transporter at BBQ events? The fishing secrets he shared with you?

Let us know in the comments section in this post and we’ll randomly select 3 answers to win a case of beer pitchers and mugs!

Cambro Father's Day 2013 Contest

Good luck and a very Happy Father’s Day! Oh, and if you haven’t gotten your dad anything yet, there’s still time – browse the Cambro products on!

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  1. Dad was always there to support me. Whether I wasa learning to play baseball or when I startrd my own business. Dad was always there to keep me positive with his kindness and praise.

  2. my dad is awesome because he taught me everything he knows about fixing things and cooking!!

  3. My father died not too long ago.Saddest day of my life.He gave me knowledge.from his years as a business owner.Friend and coleague.He taught me a lot about life through his experiences.I really miss his wisdom.
    Al Broccardo.

  4. My dad has always been there for me and he taught me how to be a great dad to my kids by showing me that you always need to make time to spend with your children!

  5. He taught me how to fish and to treat others the way you would want to be treated. And though he’s been gone 48 years he’s still missed more than anyone knows, on Father’s day and every day.

  6. My father means everything to me. He taught us how to fish, hunt, and barbecue. a father who had to raise 3 boys by himself as a single father. He taught us how to be the men that we are today.

  7. Growing up with four daughters, my father had to deal with a lot of estrogen fueled drama throughout our pre teens and early twenties. Somehow in the midst of the chaos, he instilled a work ethic in all of us, taught us to be honest and ethical, and best of all taught us to respect and honor those less fortunate than ourselves. To this day, those values have served to give me and my sisters a strong foundation for true happiness. Thanks dad. I can only hope I’ve done as good of a job passing those values down to my own children ! Happy Fathers Day and I hope you’re watching over us with love . Wish you were here to taste the beer we’re hoping to be drinking out of the Cambro pitchers and mugs !

  8. My dad was firm yet gentle. Headstrong but flexible and taught me more than I realized I was learning about how to be strong, independent, and passionate about life & the things I love. I can see Iced tea, lemonade, powerade etc in those pitchers & mugs full of rootbeer floats, hot chocolate, thai tea, soup and everything in between!

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