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Top 5 Food Safety Questions from Day 2 NRA: Ask Shelly the Friendly Health Inspector

Day 2 at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show was a busy one at the Cambro booth. Our guest, Shelly the Friendly Health Inspector answered quite a few questions from booth guests and online posts.
Here are some of the most memorable questions. Ask your own question here: or tweet us @cambro1 with your question.

Shelly the Friendly Health Inspector answering questions

Question Answer
1. Why can’t I re-use single use containers to store my food in if I keep them clean and wash them by hand? 1. While washing by hand can help to prevent chemical and high temperature abuse, you still can’t use single use items to store food in. They are not durable, they may not be made out of material that is compatible with the foods you plan to store, and they are harder to clean.
2. Do I need a hood if I am only using a conduction grill to re-heat pasta and sauce for individual immediate service to the customer? 2. You may need to have a hood and it will depend on the local building department and public health agency. One thing to think about is that once the equipment is in the facility the use may change to something that would require a hood and so they may still require a hood just for that reason.
3. Do employees have to wear sock in the kitchen? 3. No. In fact the FDA food code doesn’t even require that employees wear clothes. However, all clothing needs to be clean and in good repair and hair properly restrained. Sock and proper foot cove3ring are OSHA requirements.
4. Who do I talk to if a facility that is not a serving food doesn’t have paper towels in the public restroom? 4. If the facility doesn’t take your concerns seriously you can always contact your local public agency since public restrooms regardless of if they serve food also have to be properly maintained.
5. Do I have to wear gloves if I properly wash my hands. 5. Yes, even if you properly wash your hands they can still have harmful bacteria or viruses that can be transmitted to food. In fact, the FDA food requires no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods.


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