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Camshelving Drying Rack System: Dry. Store and Roll all in One.

We’re excited to announce the launch of of our much anticipated Camshelving® Drying Rack System that combines the corrosion resistance and strength of Camshelving® and Camshelving® Elements with the convenience of easy drying.

This utilitarian drying system securely holds, trays, cutting boards, lids, baking sheet pans and plates during the drying process while providing convenient, sanitary storage and maximizing holding space and easy access. Fits all 24” Wide Camshelving®, Camshelving® Elements, Mobile or Stationary 24” – 72” (610 to 1830 mm) in length.

Additional Features & Benefits:

  • Lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion on posts and traverses.
  • Promotes safety by eliminating moisture.
  • Mobile unit allows for easy floor clean-up and transportability.

For information on these products, visit the:

Camshelving Drying Rack product page by clicking here or

the Elements Drying Rack product page here.

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