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Food Safety from the Start: Lessons from The French Pastry School

French Pastry School logoFood safety might be the most important part of any culinary arts education and at The French Pastry School of Chicago, they know that how you bake is just as important as what you bake.

The instructors at the French Pastry School take the topic of Food Safety very serious and they make certain that it is a constant in everything they teach and do during in their lessons.Β  The instructors know that the guidance they provide is instrumental for students to develop good habits early-on and they trust these safe practices will be put to use when they graduate and move on to expand their careers as Pastry Chefs.Β  Students are taught from the onset about Proper Hygiene, hot and cold holding temperatures, keeping their workstations organized and sanitary and the importance of proper refrigeration and storage in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Watch these video clips of Chef Jacquy Pfieffer, Co-Owner/Founder and students of the French Pastry School sharing how they seamlessly integrate safety procedures into their curriculum and throughout their facilities using Cambro Shelving and Storage products.

Chef Jacquy Pfieffer: Food Safety at The French Pastry School
French Pastry School Intern Karen Shea discusses the importance of Food Safety
French Pastry School Intern Meghan Jungbluth: Food Safety Procedures
A Student’s Perspective: Molly Quetzal at The French Pastry School

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