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All BBQ is Great but There’s Only One GreatQ4U!

We jump back in the world of BBQ this week as we head to Pennsylvania to visit GreatQ4U! Jim Knepper, Partner in this operation, shares his thoughts on great Q and his passion for foodservice.

WCambro Business of the Week: GreatQ4Uhat inspired Jim to get into foodservice?

“We are an off premise BBQ Caterer and are clearly focused on doing “Q” the way it is supposed to be done, low & slow over wood smoke! It was my love of Eastern N. Carolina Pulled Pork that inspired me to learn the traditional methods and techniques to do it right!”

What does he absolutely love about the business?

“I love interacting with customers and delivering an “experience” not just the food. Our “Q” smells, tastes and feels incredible and in the end…I always get to see smiles on our customer’s faces…that is what I love the most!”

The most interesting/coolest/oddest thing to happen at GreatQ4U!

“I think the coolest part of the business is the part that actually costs us money…not makes it…we are a founding member of Operation BBQ Relief! I went to Alabama on my own with our Big Smoker following the Tornadoes on 4/27/2011 and then to Joplin following the Tornado there…I got to witness the birth of OBR and then continued the effort here in Central PA following the devastating floods of Tropical Storm Lee….I’ve been a part of providing  150,000+ free BBQ meals for victims of disasters in the past 15 months and the COOLEST thing about it has been the power that a free bbq meal for neighbors from neighbors has!!!”

Biggest business challenge Jim had to overcome?

“We are still working our way back from a very difficult end of 2011. While in the middle of the final ‘busy’ BBQ Weekend of the year (Columbus Day) I was struck from the rear at a stop light while driving our primary tow vehicle. Between extensive damage to the vehicle and 3 tendons in my left shoulder our fourth quarter of last year and first quarter of this year were ROUGH! – We will survive and be stronger for it!”

We wish Jim a complete recovery so he can keep delivering that GreatQ and supporting those in need with Operation BBQ Relief!

Being a BBQ shop, we can assume that some Cambro food transporters may have found their way to GreatQ4U! – let’s see what Cambro products Jim has to help him out:

“All of them! We LOVE your products and have used your hot boxes at every OBR function that we’ve been at! Top notch stuff…all of it!”

If that didn’t get you excited about your next BBQ, nothing will! Congratulations on the success Jim and we are glad to be a part of your service with Operation BBQ Relief!

As the featured foodservice business of the week, Jim will receive a storage container gift pack.

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