Cambro Camcarriers Fit in Disaster Relief

Cambro Camcarrier in use at Red CrossFrom five-star catered banquets to disaster areas, no matter the place where one needs to send food to a hungry mass, the Camcarrier 100 series fits the bill.

In a tweet sent out yesterday by @InfoDude, aka Joe Hanson who works in Red Cross Disaster Public Affairs, and retweeted by @Cambro1, we got a great view of the disaster relief vehicle loading up a Camcarrier 100MPCHL.

This is a great example of a familiar product being used in a possibly unfamiliar setting. Typically used in situations where an end user would be responsible for transporting food to a location where they’ll need to feed a crowd, disaster relief makes for a perfectly logical application for the 100MPCHL.

The unit pictured above is specifically made for the American Red Cross in a shade that Cambro refers to as Hot Red. The 100MPCHL can accommodate a full sized 8″ deep food pan and features a paneled hinged lid which allows for product to be served without having to remove the entire cover.

Do you work with any products that might fit well outside of the foodservice industry?

This article is reprinted from SEFA’s Kitchen Biz blog. Written by Matt Kurnick.

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