Cakes, Cookies and Alabama Crimson Tide: The Cambro Featured Business of the Week

Roll Tide! If you’re a college football fan you know our Featured Business of the Week is from Alabama. Northport, Alabama to be precise. Mary’s Cakes and Pastries, owned by Mary Cesar, has the University of Alabama’s blessing to sell custom cookies.

But Mary’s Cakes has cookies and a whole lot more! Mary’s inspiration came at an early age: “I’ve been passionate about baking since pulling an all-nighter making Christmas cookies when I was 11. Something about taking regular ingredients like flour and sugar, and turning them into something of beauty that makes me happy.”

“I love the smiles on kids’ faces when they see our decorated shortbread cookies. Especially the young ones. And the ear-to-ear grins when you ask if they’d like one.”

On their relationship with the University of Alabama

“We recently received a cease-and-desist letter from the Collegiate Licensing Company for putting a ‘Script A’ on our baked goods, that were mostly purchased by the owner of the trademark, the University of Alabama. The local newspaper published the story and our fans rallied for us by the hundreds in social media. In the end, the University of Alabama apologized for the way the CLC handled a local vendor. Now we can make them with the university’s blessing.”

Biggest Business Challenge?

“Growing from a two-person shop to a mid-sized bakery, within the confines of 1000 square feet, and while keeping that homey, personal feel that defines Mary’s Cakes and Pastries.”

Cambro Products Used by Mary’s Cakes and Pastries

“We use many, MANY storage containers, for everything from our scratch syrups to doughs and batters, plus buttercream. We love the way we can see what’s inside without reading the label, and the way they stack, which is essential in our small space. We also rely on our insulated beverage dispensers for special events when we serve coffee and hot chocolate by the gallon.”

We’re glad to be part of such a delicious and fun business!

Links for Mary’s Cakes and Pastries

Website | Facebook | Twitter

As the featured foodservice business of the week, Cesar will receive a storage container gift pack and be entered into the monthly $500 in Cambro products contest.

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