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Food Safety: Colored Food Storage Boxes Help Reduce Cross-Contamination

Keeping your walk-in cooler organized, clean and more important safe from any cross-contamination can be challenging, especially when working with a very busy kitchen or limited space in a cold storage area. Stacks of containers, food boxes and packaged products often pile up making it tough for staff to find product easily. There are many ways to better organize a walk-in one of which is color coding.

Using Color Coded storage containers can be extremely helpful in preventing cross –contamination by designating separate uses for high-risk raw food such as poultry, seafood or red meats. Food Boxes used to prepare meats may be assigned the color red, while poultry food boxes can be stored in yellow. Many foodservice operators are quickly becoming fans of color coded storage containers because they see the benefits that it brings their operation—improved efficiency and more importantly reducing human error by segregating foods that could potentially become hazardous if not handled properly. Not only are foodservice operators noticing the benefits of using color food storage containers, they are also keeping their health inspector happy and on their good side.

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  1. will be storing cases of chicken breast in the large one on the bottom shelf to aide my employees with proper storage

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