The $75,000 Meal You Never Want to Serve

Restaurant - Receiving productWe all have a story to share about a bad restaurant incident that ruined what should have been a nice dining experience.  That experience most likely prevented you from ever returning to that establishment and a memory that cannot be erased. Chances are you did not keep that experience to yourself.

With today’s growing world of social media, a tweet is heard around the world. As a result, it’s even more important now for restaurants to ensure a positive experience for their customers.  Headlines about another restaurant involved in an outbreak are happening almost daily.  With a slow to recover economy, reduced budgets are resulting in job cuts. This includes less health inspectors out in the field increasing the risk and occurrence of more reactive inspections and less proactive measures.

Serious reactive cases could be detrimental to a business, this often means it’s too late and someone has experienced and complained of a foodborne illness. According to various sources including ServSafe and the National Restaurant Association, the average cost of a foodborne illness outbreak to an establishment is about $75,000. A foodborne illness incident damages a restaurant’s reputation and financial stability – it may be difficult to ever recover from this type of negative publicity.

The good news is that foodborne illnesses can be prevented. From receiving to service, there are many preventative measures that can be taken to improve food safety practices. Something as simple as the proper lid on a food pan can make a big difference. Check out Cambro’s StoreSafe site for ideas on food safety.

Lend your voice to the importance of food safety in our “What Food Safety Means to You” campaign.

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