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Keep the Health Inspector Happy with Cambro’s Handwash Station

A basic step towards food safety in foodservice is hand washing. And being able to wash your hands when catering or serving food at locations where water is non accessible can be an issue.

The Cambro Handwash Accessory easily attaches to most Cambro Camtainers (so you can save some money by dual-purposing a Camtainer) to create a Handwashing Station.

But it’s not just caterers that have an interest and need for the Handwash Accessory. Ever think about those sample stations at the box stores or supermarkets? At the recent National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Show, some great ideas for the Handwash Accessory were shared.

Do you have food safety tips to share? Check out the Cambro StoreSafe site to share and have a chance at winning $5K in products!

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